2014 / 15

Kate Disher-Quill


The 2014 recipient of The Pool Grant was Kate Disher-Quill with her winning proposal ‘Right Hear, Right Now’.

One in six Australians experience some form of hearing loss, yet it is an issue which is rarely talked about. Right Hear, Right Now is Kate Disher-Quill’s body of work exploring the diverse experiences of Deafness and hearing loss. Using elements of photography, multimedia and installation, she has created a sensory experience to provide the audience with some understanding of what it is like to live with a hearing loss.

From the technical aspects of hearing aids, cochlear implants, lip reading and Auslan to personal stories of overcoming insecurities and celebrating differences; this project brings to light a myriad of experiences and issues surrounding a complex theme.

The goal of this project was to break down the barriers and stigmas associated with Deafness, to open up a conversation and to empower those who feel the need to hide a part of their identity.

The project also resonated with members of the deaf community, in particular Joanna Agius from the Accessible Art association. Agios was the guest speaker at the opening night, and shared her personal experiences and stories with Deafness.

Thank you to Head On Photo Festival for featuring and supporting this unique exhibition. To our wonderful guest speaker for the evening, Joanna Agius from Accessible Arts Association, the wonderful team at Ai media for providing captioning for the speeches, as well as Phonak for their support. A special thanks to the crew at Young Henrys for providing their delicious Noble Cut G&Ts and always refreshing brews.

Finally a thank you to Alasdair our guest judge.

All images courtesy of our wonderful event photographer James Ambrose.