An interview
Tony & Morgan

Tony Visconti is one of the most well-known and admired music producers on the face of the Earth.

As well as overseeing recordings by artists as wide-ranging as Iggy Pop, Thin Lizzy and Morrisey, he famously produced the most revered albums of David Bowie’s career.

He also proved that he can keep a secret when working on the hush-hush sessions that would result in Bowie’s recent comeback single and album. As well as all this, he also produced glam rock legends T. Rex, an association that would lead him into a groundbreaking project with his very own son Morgan Visconti.

Morgan Visconti is a multi instrumentalist, composer, songwriter, singer and recording engineer. As well as recording numerous pieces for commercials, he wrote and recorded a single Could You in 2012 and has produced the album You Look Familiar with his mother, Mary Hopkin, and co-produced the album I am Not by his sister, Jessica Lee Morgan.

Simon and Barnaby Harsent caught up with the pair of them after work on their joint project, T. Rex Regeneration, was completed. It was a venture that saw them chiselling new songs out of old recordings from studio tapes of Marc Bolan and co to incredible effect.

The resulting interview and photographs provide an intriguing record of two men who share a deep and profound respect for each other’s craft as well as DNA.



What is your favourite piece of music that your father/son has worked on? 

Morgan: For me, the Bowie albums, Low, Heroes and Lodger are defining moments of my childhood and musical DNA.

Tony: Morgan has blown my mind over the years. I love the music he’s created for his mother’s last album (Mary Hopkin) and his sister’s first album (Jessica Lee Morgan). He released a single recently composed and sung by him, called Could You. It’s so beautiful.

What are your first memories associated with music?

Tony: Listening to my father and his friends sing four part harmony in our family kitchen when I was about two years old. It was a barbershop quartet. I learned harmony from this. My mother had a beautiful voice and would sing in Italian in that very same kitchen. I grew up in a very musical environment.

Morgan: There was a moment when I was about two or three when Phil Collins was over to play drums. I remember hearing this BLAM BLAM BLAM BLAM through the floor.

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