Canon Light Awards

5 – 6
3 masterclasses crafted and directed by 4 POOL artists, and the 24-hour challenge in collaboration with Canon Australia
For this year’s Canon Light Awards, Canon wanted to do things a little differently; rather than having the awards take place online, they are going LIVE as Australia’s first real-time creative photography competition. The live, interactive workshops will take place in different cities across Australia. POOL has taken this relaunch on as a collective, collaborating with Canon to host three workshops for Sydney’s 48-hour event at SUNSTUDIOS.
Sean Izzard, Danny Eastwood, Christopher Ireland and Juliet Taylor have spent the past few weeks with each other and with Canon conceptualising three different masterclasses aimed to fire up attendees’ inspirations and challenge their thinking. They also have each created a secret brief for the 24-hour challenge for which they will provide live, insightful feedback.  Each masterclass is focused on a facet of photography that the respective artist is particularly inspired to explore and share his or her knowledge about.
Juliet Taylor and Christopher Ireland explain how putting themselves in unfamiliar or confronting scenarios helps deliver their finest work and develop their style. In the process, they’ll take you on a journey from Sydney’s largest housing commission to the middle of the Arizona desert.
Each artist will provide insights about how they’ve learned to embed themselves into foreign environments and create work that is profound, unique and emotive. Sharing tips for building rapport and trust with your talent.
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Still Life Masterclass
The world is awash with imagery so the “why” you shoot is often the defining feature. What is your purpose? This is an on-going process and it evolves as you do. In this invaluable masterclass, Danny Eastwood will focus on defining yourself photographically – the reason why you shoot.

Danny will expand on his photographic journey and also demonstrate the meticulous nature and technical skills required for still-life photography. This masterclass will involve a live still-life shoot to guide participants through the best approach and execution essentials.
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Commercial Photography Masterclass
With his extensive experience in the photographic industry, Sean Izzard will share his most valuable lessons and insights about how to navigate your professional career as a commercial photographer.

Sean will guide you through the realities and challenges of working in the commercial industry including: interpreting the brief, thinking on your feet, and the most valuable technical skills to have in your repertoire to be a successful commercial photographer. He will also share his perspective on how independent projects can help creatively shape your commercial growth and vision.
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