Christopher IRELAND

Make Dinnertime


Christopher Ireland captures unscripted family moments for MasterFoods’ ‘Make Dinnertime Matter’ campaign. 

It was a pleasure to work with Clemenger BBDO Sydney on this campaign. The idea was to convey the warmth and energy of dinnertime exchanges, revealing genuine connections between family members. It was both challenging and rewarding to shoot this campaign in such an unorthodox way for traditional print advertising.”

Christopher approached this unique campaign as purely as a documentary photographer would an assignment or photo essay. The talent were real families and friends who share meals together, and the intensive casting process involved interviews and observations of nearly 40 families. He wanted to find the perfect mix of families that would welcome our team into their homes and let us fall into the background as they enjoyed their meals. Christopher’s innate ability to connect with people and work with real talent under any circumstances enabled him to immediately put the families at ease and capture their lives as they are.

“My presence had to go unnoticed and yet I needed to orchestrate a setting which suited photography so I could deliver images that worked across multiple platforms. I spent multiple days and evenings with each family and embedded into their lives so my presence made little impact on the meals. It was supremely important to my vision that what came through in the campaign was heartfelt, honest and inspiring vignettes of shared dinnertimes.”

“In the end we settled on images that had spontaneous grace, each with obvious but beautiful imperfections that capture the magic of dinnertime with loved ones.”

Client: MasterFoods
Agency: Clemenger BBDO Sydney

Luke Hawkins: Creative Director
Ben Smith: Creative Director
Dan White: Art Director
Simon Gibson: Copywriter
Steve Tindall: Senior Producer

POOL Credits
Christopher Ireland: Photographer
Petrea Lambert: Producer
Isaac MacLurcan: Lighting Assistant
John Feely: Lighting Assistant