Christopher IRELAND



The Practical Man saw Christopher Ireland team up with Garbett –  one of Australia’s most highly awarded and geometrically talented design studio’s. After instilling simple graphic forms with impacting aesthetics, Garbett turned to Christopher to bring the branding concept to life with a series of images that perfectly complement the brand work as a whole.

While Paul and Danielle cut, crafted and reassembled tangible materials to cultivate the striking and geometric compositions, Christopher infused and invigorated the work with a tactfully clean and polished approach.

“We brought the work to life using hard light and minimal, dynamic composition. The resulting collaboration represents a fusion of my minimal, graphic style and the bold and recognisable shapes and form that has defined Garbett internationally.” – Christopher Ireland

The Practical Man: Client

Paul Garbett: Graphic Designer
Danielle de Andrade: Graphic Designer

Pool credits:
Christopher Ireland: Photographer