Christopher IRELAND

takes out


‘Christopher’ Ireland was a hot topic of conversation at this year’s AGDA Design Awards as Australia’s best designers celebrated all that is good in the creative world. Not only did he take out some shiny silverware for his own work, but Christopher Halloran, the designer behind Chris’s website, won the Pinnacle Award for the beautifully designed site that showcases Ireland’s work in all its glory. 

Christopher won the AGDA Distinction ‘Photography for Design’ for his delicately ethereal image on R.W Grace’s Single Cover ‘Pluto’. In a further testament to the work, Ireland’s collaborator Christopher Doyle took out the AGDA for ‘Creative Direction & Design’ for the same project. The pairs collaboration was one of pure beauty, creating work at once simple and pure, detailed and dark. Big thanks to the superb stylist and regular pool contributor Jo Ayling. Needless to say, with three mentions by the end of the night, Christopher Ireland was a popular man after the ceremony amongst some of Australia’s best designers, paving the way for some exciting creative opportunities in the future.