Christopher IRELAND


Christopher Ireland headed back to his photographic roots to restore hope for Vinnies latest Christmas appeal, settling into his natural embedded portrait style with ease. Renowned throughout the industry for his ability to work with real talent, it was important for Chris that the shots were threaded tight with the kind of authenticity that can only come from pure and legitimate interactions. Turning to street casting, Chris found the perfect family with their beautifully textured and intriguing house, and an undeterrable glimmer of hope peering out from the greying wallpaper.

Working carefully to infuse the natural style with elements of control essential in the commercial world, Chris built a rapport with the family that allowed him to capture a genuine immediacy within his imagery, all while drawing out the necessary appeal integral to the campaign. Chris worked delicately to minimise the footprint of production, closing off the set and watching the family interact in their own home, the baby waking up irritated, the mother strong with love and hope, the Vinnies worker unassumingly supporting from the side. Chris’s photographs succeed in accentuating this struggling families worthiness of hope – inviting the viewer to see the positive potential of their donations by beautifully portraying the fine balance between hope and despair. The end result is a series of images that while stained with the edges of harsh reality, offer a calm and spirited appeal for the Vinnies Christmas campaign.

M&C Saatchi: Agency
Vinnies: Client

Niccola Phillips: Head of Art
Lynette Sturits: Senior Account Director
Andrea Sarcullo: Jnr Art Director
Vanessa Fernandez: Print Producer
Hannah Trudgett: Account Executive

Pool Credits
Christopher Ireland: Photographer
Petrea Lambert: Line Producer
Lexi Land: Production Coordinator
Jeremiah Wolf: Digital Operator
Isaac MacLurcan: Camera Assistant
Alex Taleski: Camera Assistant
Jo Ayling: Stylist
David Grainger: Hair & Makeup