CommBank CAN

a motion and stills collaboration
Simon HARSENT and Sean IZZARD lead a collaborative creative approach with M&C Saatchi for CommBank’s encompassing brand campaign, Commbank ‘CAN’ Promise. The integrated launch campaign is comprised of a 60’ film spot directed by Harsent, and a series of portraits of real Australians from around the country by Izzard.
The new brand platform centres around listening to Australians about the challenges faced at an individual and national level. In a first-of-its-kind use of an ATM network, CommBank is asking Australians questions that matter to all of us, such as “Is the Australian property dream still a reality?,” “Are our businesses ready to face the future?” and “Do our kids have the skills they need for tomorrow?”.
Called on for their recognised approach to portraiture, Izzard and Harsent focused on capturing real people with integrity and authenticity, bringing each character into the forefront as the heros of this campaign. These faces are not from model agencies or casting HQ; they are real people, authentically unique, asking the same questions and facing the same struggles as the viewer.
Says Tim Green, Executive Creative Director, M&C Saatchi,  “when you are looking to attract the attention of a nation as vast and diverse as Australia the message must be genuine, clear and come from a place of deep insight. Australians, above all can see through any attempt to being represented any other way.”
“Working with Sean and Simon on this project from the start came with years of observation and unique understanding. Even in early discussions there was the distinct advantage of being able to get to the heart of what we were attempting.”
“With a high stakes client such as the Commonwealth Bank, collaboration was going to be essential and not without considered opinion the whole POOL team allowed for the project to stay firmly on vision. This of course is only possible when it comes from a place of  respect for ideas and in turn the creative process. It is none too evident in the way Sean and Simon collaborate or work on any project individually.”

“Commercial success is one thing when a project goes out into the world but this particular campaign has resonated as it was meant to and moved an entire culture.”
“CommBank ‘CAN’ was born of a cultural moment when Australians were losing confidence in the face of the global financial crisis,” says Michael Canning, executive creative director, M&C Saatchi. “In 2017, there is a similar cultural tide as people feel uncertain about the future and a little stuck with traditional paths to reach their goals. This new platform is designed to first listen to people’s views around Australia, which will form the basis of new ways for CommBank to partner with Australians at both and individual and national level.”
As people around Australia lend their voice to the campaign, CommBank will share data collated from the ATM network and integrated media across the country, which will be used as the basis for a platform of work throughout the year.

Client: Commonwealth Bank
Agency: M&C Saatchi

Executive Creative Director: Michael Canning
Creative Directors: Tim Green, Andy Flemming, Shane Gibson, Guy Futcher, Brendan Donnelly
Group Account Director: Tanya Vragalis
Senior Account Director: Kezia Quinn
TV Production: Rod James, Lil Ireland
Head of Print Production: Trent Henderson
Senior Print Producer: Greg Hyslop

Director / Photographer: Simon harsent & Sean Izzard
Producers: Petrea Lambert, Honae MacNeill
Production Coordinator: Sarah Hansen
Runners: Brendan Donoghue, Subash Gurram
1st Assistant Director: Toby Churchill-Brown
DOP: Simon Ozolins
1st AC/Focus: Jani Hakli
2nd AC/Data Wrangler/VTR: Zachary Peel-McGregor
Stills Digital Tech: Glenn Pokorny
Gaffer: Matt Russell
Best Boys: Remi Durrenberger, Beau Moulson
Key Grip: Mark Abrahams
Grip Assist: Rob Birtles
Production Designer/Wardrobe: Tess Strelein
Art Dept Assist: Banjo Fitzsimon
Hair & Make Up: Lida Cankova