As night falls

Issue 03

Danny Eastwood’s personal series ‘As Night Falls’ was captured in the Belanglo State Forest, the scene of the now infamous Backpacker Murders.

In the light of day it is almost possible to forget the history of this place. It feels ordinary, quiet – even beautiful in places. As night falls, the forest closes in, the senses strain and reality begins to feel remote.

The idea of a place so maligned in the public consciousness… how does the reality compare to the perception? This is a place tainted by history though. Thoughts of what happened here are never far away. It is this history that has drawn me here.

This is not a malevolent place; rather this is a place where evil things were done. However, the knowledge of the past corrupts the present and trying to rationalise it doesn’t help much.

As remote as the forest feels, it is relatively easy to get to. At night you can see the glow from the sprawl of Sydney in the distance and you can just make out the sound of the trucks plying the highway. The proximity only seems to heighten the sense of isolation. As uneventful as each visit was, it was always a relief to leave.

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