for Toby’s Estate

Mornings can be tough – especially on shoot day – which is why we were so excited that our shoot with Toby’s Estate would need to draw upon unlimited cups of coffee in order to find the perfect crema (all for artistic purposes of course).

The beauty of this shot rose effortlessly from the marriage of the rich detail and quality of the coffee with Danny Eastwood’s endless genius for drawing energy from the surface of still life. Pretty soon we were able to cement our long standing beliefs that coffee was as synonymous with mornings as the rising sun. 

Toby’s Estate: Client
The Monkeys: Agency

Scott Nowell: Executive Creative Director
Paul Bruce: Creative Director
Alex Schieder: Art Director
Callan McKean: Copywriter
Alison Dunlop: Producer
 James Halliday: Designer
Matt Michael: Managing Director
Rob Webb: Content Manager

Pool Credits

Danny Eastwood: Photographer
Petrea Lambert: Producer
John Kung: Digi Op
Sorelle Warzecha: Camera Assist