not as
as it
Danny EASTWOOD captured fruit in some rather compromising positions for the latest Sparkling OH! campaign, “Not as guilty as it looks” via TKT Sydney.
The brand trusted Danny with the tricky task of portraying a cheeky double entendre, and despite appearances this flavourful beverage had in fact very little sugar. The visuals were brought to life by Eastwood’s meticulous approach and uncanny ability to create illusions with everyday objects.

Client: Frucor
Agency: TKT Sydney

Creative Director: Brendan Willenberg
Ollie Beeston: Senior Art Director
James Beswick: Senior Copywriter
Marshall Campell: Account Director
Paul Whelan: Senior Producer

Photographer: Danny Eastwood
Director: Danny Eastwood
Producer: Courtney Lewis
Digi Op: Louis Saggus / Oliver Rose
Camera Assist: Ryan Stamatiades / Sarah Hansen
Gaffer: Jay MacNeill
Food Stylist: Jacque Malouf / Gemma Lush