Ready when you are

via McCann Sydney

Danny Eastwood carefully curated tiny worlds for the launch of Absolut’s new range of pre-mixed drinks – each one representing a different flavour and energy, and oozing with anticipation for a great night out. Creating these worlds gave Danny a license to play with each element of the shot, from beautifully designed sets, to hand selected props and three glistening bottles – culminating in a series of bold, clean and sophisticated images that perfectly reflect the refined nature of Absolut.

Each colour was carefully selected to both embody and accentuate the unique flavour and energy present within all three beverages. Once the perfect hues were nailed down they were balanced with an array of props that fulfilled various pre-requisites – at once signifying the preparation and excitement that leads to an unforgettable night out, while bringing home the social nature of Absolut Botanik.

Danny worked hand in hand with the lovely stylist Tess Strelein to curate a beautifully stylised series of images. From importing blueberry plants from Queensland to deciding on the essential elements for pre-party prep. On a practical level the props needed to relate perfectly with the bottle itself, ensuring it held its own in a world of highly curated colour and Absolut abstraction. The end result is a fun and sparkling utopia of visualised flavour complete with Danny’s infamous sharply polished and detailed style.

McCann: Agency
Pernod Ricard: Client

Stephen Porter: Agency Producer/Art Buyer
Roxanne Tyler: Group Account Director
Felix Holfye: Art Director
Martin Syane: Copywriter

Jo Haynes: Senior Brand Manager
Oliver Do Remedios: Marketing Manager
Camille McKay: Brand Manager

Pool Credits
Danny Eastwood: Photographer
Cristina Gaitatzis: Producer
Hamish Gregory: Digi Op
Isaac MacLurcan: Photographic Assistant
Alex Taleski: Photographic Assistant
Tess Strelein: Stylist