Danny Eastwood is renowned for injecting energy and motion into the still life medium til it bursts from its ‘still’ constraints. Who better for McDonald’s to get on board to send waffle cones and soft serve flying for their ‘More bang for your buck’ campaign.

In order to create the polished and perfected hero image copious amounts of pre-production (and soft serve) was required. Image FX provided us with a rig for smashing cones and blowing up the soft-serve – according to Danny – “any day we get to blow up stuff in the studio is a good day – especially when there are laser beams involved.”

After spending a day pre-lighting and shooting the hero cones, the team spent the following day refining their timings to thousandths of a second and adjusting the air canon – all in the pursuit of one deliciously beautiful explosion.

Danny tried to capture as much as possible in camera – shooting the hero cones first, then exploding the back ups to grab some key elements for adding details and dimension to the overall shot. After blowing up countless waffles, an endless supply of chocolate bars and litres of ice cream some of the crew will probably have to wait at least a week before eating another soft-serve.

Leo Burnett: Agency
McDonalds: Client

Patrick Lynch: Business Manager
Belinda Drew: Group Business Director
Damian Galvin: Art Director
Curt McDonald: Copywriter
Rachel Rider: Integrated Producer

Amanda Belz: Brand Manager
Matt Emmerson: Group Brand Manager

Pool Credits
Danny Eastwood: Photographer
Cameron Gray: Executive Producer
Cristina Gaitatzis: Producer
John Kung: Digi
Stefan Wellsmore: 1st Photographic Assist
Alex Taleski: 2nd Photographic Assist
Sally Parker: Food Stylist