In preparation for the 7th June California Republican primary, Donald Trump staged a rally in San Diego, Saturday the 28th of May. San Diego is located on the U.S.-Mexico border, whose San Ysidro port of entry sees nearly 300,000 people a day cross legally between countries. Waving U.S. and Mexican flags, more than 1,000 people turned out to protest Trump’s rally, and Juliet TAYLOR was there to capture it all: DONALD J TRUMP VS THE PEOPLE OF SAN DIEGO.
I was in Atlanta, Georgia working on a project about the KKK when I decided to attend the Trump rally. The rally was located in San Diego – on the other side of the country – and I had a little over 24 hours to get there. San Diego sits on the border of Mexico, so I thought there would be an interesting blend of people attending, especially as illegal immigration is one of Trumps signature issues behind his campaign. Maybe the Mexicans may be out in protest? I wasn’t getting very far with the Imperial wizard of the KKK – so thought Trump would be the more viable alternative. In order to get to the rally on time I drove all night, about 12 hours, to get to Dallas. At 9:30pm I finally received approval on my media pass, after which I immediately booked my flight to San Diego.
Wearing my armour, a blazer with a big gold emblem and tennis skirt – I arrived.  The people at the rally thought I worked for Trump. I ran along with that as they were more than happy to oblige for a photograph.


The rally was held at the convention centre. Initially there was an even mix of protesters and supporters. I stuck around outside for a while shooting protesters and then headed into the centre. It was a huge hall that could easily fit 3,000 people.
The hall was prepped with music playing from The Rolling Stones –  ‘you can’t always get what you want… ‘and ‘ heart of Stone’,  as well as Creedence’s  ‘born on the Bayou’. People walked in and automatically got into party mode. The energy in that room was so patriotic and so much fun that no matter what Trump had to say nobody would have cared – I even had a bit of a dance. Maybe this was part of his plan. The trump merchandise was selling hard and the WIFI on site was selling for $80 an hour – I think everyone made cash that day. There is definitely a business in riding the Trump horse.
Trump walked on stage to the loud beats of ‘y’all ready for this’ by dutch group 2 unlimited, welcoming Donald J Trump as the next American president.
I was so pumped to hear what he had to say but the next hour turned out to be a bizarre lost in Trumplation.


It was like watching a bull in a herd of cattle.
About 65% of the room was war veterans – Trump had recently raised 5.5 million dollars in support of them and he liked to repeat that over and over again. He discussed how politics is rigged, how it’s a game he admitted being part of  – ‘ fake it till you make it’ is the theory behind his rise in politics. He now has over 50% of support from this country and somehow he has done it purely from his marketing strategy and his money.
Then the vindictive Trump reared his head, publicly shaming and naming people we have never heard of, hating on Hilary, Obama, demoralising Bernie, and then attacking us media. He made the crowd face us in the media box and told them to boo us – not once but THREE times, slandering The New York times and other media outlets. Why did he even invite us?
There was nothing remotely inspiring that came out of Mr Donald J Trump. He only came across as an arrogant supremacist. I found this great paragraph written in the Huff Post by journalist Joe Seldner that pretty much sums Trump up: “Trump is a tired cliché of insults and egomania. And he is boring. Like the drunk at the end of the bar, he’s amusing — for a while. He shouts out insulting nicknames to his barmates — ‘Hey dummy! Hey ugly! Hey little Marco!’ At first we laugh. But very soon, we turn to each other and say, ‘That’s all he’s got,’ and we move to another part of the bar.’”
The most frightening part is that it seems majority of Americans LOVE him, and I fear that he is going to get elected. I did meet some pretty cool people there – including the ultimate super bowl scammer Don Rich – who is known as the godfather of gatecrashing.
I walked away shaking my head, imagining Trump’s face carved into the side of Mt. Rushmore beside the great leaders –  Lincoln, Washington, Jefferson, Roosevelt, Trump – It felt more like a episode of South Park than reality.