GBH //
Great Britain’s


“There’s a sense of identity, respect, pride, belonging, brotherhood–family even. It’s male camaraderie, a feeling you’re alive. You matter and can have a say in your destiny.”
 – Cass Pennant, Founding member of ICF

GBH by Simon HARSENT is a powerful portrait study that comes face-to-face with Great Britain’s leading football Hooligans.
GBH is a natural progression from Harsent’s previous work The Beautiful Game, a series that captured the subtle physical and emotional power of football stadia over their surrounding environments. In GBH, Harsent moves on from physical to cultural relics of football, exploring a subset of football culture that has remained a shocking fascination for many fans decades later.
The series is an examination of social discontent in Britain as the beautiful game presented an ugly face, and how the decisions of a few men 30 years ago have impacted their lives today.