Ingvar KENNE

LandCruiser 200

When Ingvar took on Toyota’s LandCruiser 200, he had no idea it would prove to be one of the most epic trips pool had undertaken – complete with freak snow falls, chasing dawn breaks on mountain peaks and traversing the whole of Tasmania in a convoy fuelled by the states last pairs of snow chains.

After convincing Toyota to shoot in Tasmania for the very first time, Ike headed to the ‘Isle of Inspiration’ for a week long recce, coming back with nothing short of pure gold. Exploring with a Tasmanian based scout down rugged coastal trails, jagged four-wheel-drive tracks, mountain peaks, beaches and luscious farms, Ingvar settled on six spots you’d never believe co-existed on the one island. The various locations came together to tell the story of one family discovering Tassie in their brand new LandCruiser – a tale propelled into incalculably epic proportions once the shoot rolled round. The crew arrived in Hobart Sunday night unbeknownst to what would greet them come Monday morning – waking to the defining hours of Tasmania’s coldest winter in fifty years – snow blanketing the entire island, right up to the lines on the sand where the waves licked the shores. It was beautiful, it was epic, and it snowballed the shoot into a logistical extravaganza.

With five days to capture six locations with over a thousand kilometres between them, a convoy of cars requiring snow chains (including a truck carrying the embargoed LandCruiser) and dodging countless road closures, Ingvar and Pool’s Production Queen Petrea kicked into gear to pull off an epic feat of photographic and logistical brilliance. Somewhere between the minus five temperatures and 2:30am wake up calls, Ingvar captured breathtakingly beautiful shots that are not only a testament to his perseverance and skill as a photographer, but perfectly illustrate the resilience of Toyota’s LandCruiser.

Behind the Scenes

Saatchi & Saatchi Australia: Agency
Toyota: Client

Tod Duke-Yonge: Creative Director
Skye Houghton: Senior Art Buyer
Charlie Nordfeldt: Senior Account Manager

Pool Credits
Ingvar Kenne: Photographer
Petrea Lambert: Line Producer
John Feely: Camera Assistant/BTS
Robert Gray: Digi-Op
Bassett Dickson: Unit/Driver
Brendan Chandley: Location Manager
Suzanne King: Stylist