Ingvar KENNE
See’s Inspiration



Everyday we make decisions about how we see the world, how we interpret the details it deems us worthy enough to receive. You open your door to the morning air, maybe it’s dismal and grey – what a drag, maybe it’s 40 degrees – how annoying. You tread the gum-laden footpath you’ve walked a million times, past the decaying mattress you and your neighbours pretend not to see, the old cat and mouse of cleaning responsibility. You turn the corner and dodge that patch of Pollock-esque shit on the ground, the mythical  toilet of every pigeon in Sydney. You glue your eyes to your glowing screen, superhumanly dodging the poles and commuters. Or have we got you completely wrong? Do you see inspiration in the mouthwatering moments of the mundane?

Ingvar Kenne’s an expert in rendering the ordinary into gallery worthy extraordinary and was the perfect point of inspiration to hook potential National Art School students via its 2016 promo campaign – ‘See inspiration? Then we’d like to see you.’

With the aim to increase the number of students attending the Open Day and registering for NAS’s 2016 intake, social media was undoubtedly the best platform to entice the next generation of students. One of Ingvar’s commissioned images was uploaded daily to instagram in the lead up to the Open Day with thirty posted in total. The posts asked prospective students to engage their own artistic eye, posting their photographs to instagram and tagging them #seeinspiration. Over 700 photographs were posted that collectively celebrated the overlooked beauty that surrounds us, with 20 images shortlisted, exhibited and auctioned off for charity on the day. The number of students passing through the beautiful sandstone walls of NAS for Open Day increased by 82% and with a beautiful hand from Ingvar, a new wave of inspiration was born.

303Lowe: Agency
National Art School: Client

Richard Morgan: Executive Creative Director
Phil Watson: Creative Director
David Biddle: Copywriter
Mike Guegan: Senior Copywriter
Matt Smith: Senior Art Director
Sal Cavallaro: Art Director
Krista Song: Senior Business Director
Laura Dewey: Business Director

Pool Credits
Ingvar Kenne: Photographer
Cream Studios: Retouching