70’s Glam

Pool’s leading lady followed the sunshine to South Coogee for Wittner’s ‘Summer of Glam’ campaign.

Inspired by endlessly alluring 70’s babes, Juliet Taylor hung out poolside to capture images that drip with high-end class and seductive charm. From loose blow-dries, to gold eyeshadow, from the clean lines of white sun-chairs to the mirrored rich blue of the pool tiles and ocean backdrop. Juliet’s photographs gleam with the effortlessly cool, yet flawlessly polished style that earmarks her work.


Juliet Taylor: Photographer
Charlotte Stokes: Stylist
Sarah Laidlaw: Hair & Make up
Kylie Coutts: Digi Op
John Feely: Camera Assist
Henrique Fanti: Camera Assist
Limehouse: Retouching