throws a POOL PARTY for

P&O cruises

Juliet Taylor invites everyone to the Pool deck for P&O cruises.

The concept was to celebrate P&O’s biggest ever offer, and encourage all ‘cruislings’ seeking adventure to get onboard.

The shoot involved endless bounds of energy as our talent ran laps around the studio in an array of inflatable creations – everything from donuts to unicorns. JT kept the mood upbeat with a killer playlist and her infectious enthusiasm.

P&O: Client
BMF: Agency

Pool credits

Juliet Taylor: Photographer
Courtney Lewis: Producer
Lexi Land: Production Coordinator
Janai Anselmi: Lead Stylist
Elle Perring: Stylist Assist
Glenn Pokorny: Head of Camera & Lighting
John Kung: Digi Op
Isaac MacLurcan: 1st Camera Assist
Julianne McGuigan: Hair Stylist
Tobi Henney: Make Up Artist