Serves up Campari
The Cocktail Studio

‘It starts with a scent. Or a smile. Or something catches your eye and then there’s a cocktail in your hand and you don’t know what it is but you like it. It’s perfect. For the moment. For the song. For now. Then the sun sets and the music changes and the cocktail tastes different. There’s got to be something else, a flavour that satisfies now, that seizes the moment. Get after it. Hunt it. Pursue it. Chase your taste.’

The Cocktail Studio served up Juliet Taylor one of the coolest briefs she’d seen in a long time – “It’s exactly the type of job I love to work on. Creative, Challenging, Unique, Interesting”. Complete with a mirrored chamber, endless supplies of attitude and a personal bartender, the Campari shoot for The Cocktail Studio kicked some serious ass.

The brief was to pile three flavours of Campari into one image via numerous reflections within the chamber. Needless to say, such a feat posed some pretty shiny challenges. Juliet wanted the look to be consistent across the three images, delivering a cool and unique result by controlling the amount and type of reflection, all while avoiding capturing the camera and herself in the shot.

This job involved lots of pre-production testing – creating mini models of mirrors to workshop the shape, size and number of mirrors required as well as variations in the height and angle of the camera. It was important to Taylor that as much as possible was completed in camera, maintaining a fine balance to ensure the mirrors enhanced the concept rather than swallowing it.

Campari: Client
The Royals: Agency

Nick Cummins: Executive Creative Director
Marco Mollo: Art Director
Daniel Miller: Copywriter
Ian Hartley: Group Account Director

Paolo Marinoni: Senior Marketing Manager
Oliver Stuart: Marketing Manager
Nicole Stanners: Marketing Director

Pool Credits
Juliet Taylor: Photographer
Cameron Gray: Executive Producer
Courtney Lewis: Producer
Cristina Gaitatzis: Production Assistant
Lexi Land: Shoot Coordinator
John Kung: Digi Op
Steve Brown: Camera Assist
Matt Willis: Gaffer
Jana Bartolo: Stylist
Kathryn Blom: Stylist Assist
Mandy Kingsman: Hair
Chris: Hair Assistant
Cat Smith: Make up