Lisa Wilkinson


Marina McDonald

No One
Sees it
Like You

Juliet TAYLOR directs the reunion of Canon ambassador Lisa Wilkinson and cancer survivor Maria McDonald for Canon’s new national platform ‘Canon Shine’ via Leo Burnett Sydney.
In 2013 Marina McDonald was diagnosed with breast cancer. She had a bilateral mastectomy followed by a year of treatment. 12 months later she was approached by journalist and Canon Ambassador  Lisa Wilkinson, who asked whether she would be photographed as part of Canon Shine – a platform for people to share what matters to them. The experience reignited McDonald’s love of photography, inspiring her to capture beautiful images for the next year. Canon then invited McDonald to reunite with Wilkinson for a portrait shoot – a case of the tables being turned.
“It was a nice feeling to come ‘full circle’” – McDonald

Client: Canon
Agency: Leo Burnett Sydney

Dave Varney: Creative Director
Laura Dowling: Senior Business Manager
Rachel Rider: Integrated Producer

Pool Credits
Juliet Taylor: Director
Courtney Lewis: Line Producer
Petrea Lambert: Producer / 1st Assistant Director
Damien Beebe: DOP / Operator
Marcus De Giorgio: 2nd Camera
Matt Russell: Gaffer
Filipe Neves: Assistant
Mario Pellegrino: Sound Rec
Maria Wassef: Makeup
Simone Forte: Makeup