Living in the Shadows opening night

A huge thank you to everyone who attended the 2014 Pool Grant ‘Living in the Shadows’ exhibition last night. It was great to see so many friends come out and support us, as well as meet fresh new faces.

We were very lucky to have special guest, born and bred Barkindji man, Kevin Ebsworth make the long journey to Sydney and introduce the exhibition.

Congratulations to David Maurice Smith for completing such an amazing body of work documenting the Barkindji Aboriginal community of Wilcannia, we could not be more proud.

A special thanks to our sponsors Canon for supporting the exhibition and printing all of the artwork, and to Tiger beer, Monteith’s Cider and Porch wines for providing the refreshments. Also thank you to the team at Black Eye gallery for the lovely space and all their help along the way.

The Pool Grant wouldn’t be possible without the support of the Pool artists who have willingly shared their time and wisdom with David over the past year.

We were also blessed to once again have the esteemed judge, Alasdair Foster onboard to make all the tough decisions, awarding Kate Disher-Quill the 2014 Pool Grant to complete her project, ‘Right Hear, Right Now’.