Nick Law
Cover Story

Sean Izzard and Nick Law go a ways back; back when Nick ran a small design studio in Sydney, and when he played running back for the Sydney Uni gridiron team. They both love their sport, but talking footy’s what they really love, especially Rugby League from back in the day. Nick can still name the entire South Sydney squad from 1979 and Sean still has his childhood scrapbook, filled with pictures of his beloved Bulldogs, cut out of old Rugby League Weeks.
These days Nick is Vice Chairman and Global Chief Creative Officer of R/GA, one of the most awarded agencies in the world based in New York; a long way from Redfern oval.
Shots mag have featured Nick in their December 2017 edition, and Sean was the only choice to shoot the pics for the article. “I new straight away what we’d be doing,” says Izzard. “It had to be footy. Nick also played Union so I devised a kind of cross-code shoot, combining Newtown Jet’s jumpers with some rah-rah action. Henson Park was the logical location and we soaked up the atmosphere in the away sheds, imagining George Piggins and Terry Fahey drinking KB and smoking durries after a bruising encounter in the mud.”
Say’s Nick, “when Sean suggested I pull on a footy jersey, get smeared in mud and collapse some scrums with a few knuckleheads for my Shots Magazine feature, it was yet another moment of glorious creative syncopation in our 28-year relationship. Like myself, Sean is a modern-day Rugby League apologist; and he remembers watching Rex Mossop broadcast Newtown games from Henson Park in the early 80’s. The camera would follow a Ken Wilson field goal over the posts, revealing parked Holden’s behind the in-goal, full of mulleted fans eating Big Ben pies, honking their horns in approval. I took a few shots at the same posts, while Sean took a few shots of me. I missed, Sean didn’t – and as you’d expect, he took some sublime photos that make me look comically menacing. The photos refer appropriately (if tenuously) to passing mentions of my footy playing childhood in the magazine interview; but really, they’re about us indulging our pathetic nostalgia for a quaint shared past.”

Photographer: Sean Izzard