The Pledge:

Keeping Palau Beautiful

The Palau Legacy Project approached Host/Havas to help them develop a behaviour change solution to protect the precious, pristine island and ecologically fragile country of Palau, where tourists outnumber the population eight to one and don’t realise their collective negative impact.
The agency created  and activated a campaign designed to reach individual tourists in a powerful way: The Palau Pledge. The Palau Pledge would require all visitors entering Palau to have to make a personal promise designed to make themselves accountable for and aware of the damage they could cause to the environment, but much more than that, to the children – the very future of Palau
As a result of the campaign, the government has changed the visa policy to require tourists to sign an eco-pledge stamped into their passports. 
Sean Izzard was excited to help bring this idea’s beauty to life, and honoured to ultimately be a part of such an impactful movement.


Photographer: Sean Izzard
Photographic Assistant: Sarah England

Agency: Host/Havas
Executive Creative Director: Seamus Higgins
Executive Creative Director: Stu Turner
Creative Director: Gustavo Vampre
Creative Director: Paul Bootlis

Palau Legacy Project
Chairperson: First Lady of Palau, Debbie Remengesau
Co-founder: Laura Clarke
Co-founder: Nicolle Fagan
Co-founder: Jennifer Koskelin Gibbons
Co-founder: Nanae Singeo
Strategist: Vaughn Allen