The Pool Grant

 The Pool Grant is an initiative that provides $10,000 and a year of mentorship to an emerging photographer for the fulfilment of a photographic project. At the end of a year, the recipient will showcase the completed work at a solo exhibition during Head On Photo Festival.
Founded in 2009, POOL’s  artists created The Pool Grant to support the development of emerging talent in the industry, and have spent the past eight years acting as mentor’s to each year’s recipient. The Pool Grant is a cornerstone of POOL’s philosophy; our artists believe it is essential to support the creative community by sharing their experience and resources in an impactful and tangible way.

The Pool Grant is open to Australian and New Zealand residents over 18 years of age and with less than 3 years of commercial experience in photography. Tell us your idea and how you plan to complete the project in a year. Inspire us.
Image by the 2018 recipient,  Sinead Kennedy, for her series “To Set Fire To The Sea”, opening 11/05/18.
Entries Open: 30 March 2018
Entries Close: 30 April 2018
Information Pack:
The Pool Grant 2019
What does less than 3 years commercial experience mean?
The Pool Grant is about discovering new talent. As such, you will not be eligible to receive the Pool Grant if you have earned your primary income from photography for more than 3 years. The amount and type of exhibition experience will also be considered in determining your eligibility. The guidelines are open to assessment, but ultimately in place to ensure that all applicants are emerging talent, rather than established photographers.
I’m mature in age, am I still eligible?
YES // We welcome people of all ages, so long as they are over 18. The focus is on discovering new talent rather than young talent.
Do I need to have extensive photography experience?
NO // You are not required to have extensive photography experience; however, you will need sufficient technical skill to back up your idea and complete the project successfully.
How many ideas can I submit?
ONE // You may only include one idea in your proposal, so put your best foot forward and choose wisely.
Does my proposal have to be an existing project that I’ve shot?
NO // You may submit a proposal for a series without having completed any of it prior. Since this is primarily a mentorship experience with Australia’s leading photographers, we encourage applicants to submit proposals that allow for further development and realization of full potential throughout the year.
The Money
Does the Grant money have to be used for production costs?
NO // You may use the money in whatever way is most beneficial to you during the year. Once the money is yours you may use it at as you wish, be that babysitters, food, rent, a car, a new camera, plane tickets, or anything else that would help you to complete this project successfully. In addition, The POOL COLLECTIVE sources and covers venue expenses for your exhibition. The associated framing costs of the exhibition are the responsibility of the recipient.