Alana Holmberg

2016 Pool Grant Recipient


At our annual exhibition, we announced the recipient of the 2016 Pool Grant, and are very pleased to welcome Alana Holmberg into our Pool Grant family.
Resist Laughter, explores the experiences of young feminists in Turkey. Through portraits, streetscapes and interviews, drawing also from social media imagery, this project will look at the complexities and contradictions of being a modern and digitally-connected woman in a male-dominated society.

Bahar Kılınç

Bahar Kılınç, 22, is a Kurdish Muslim woman, a philosophy student at Boğaziçi University and an activist fighting to end violence against women. She runs the Twitter accounts for two women’s rights organisations but has stopped posting her thoughts on her own account.
“I feel like it’s getting more bourgeois,” she says. “Tweeting on social media is enough for some people. Meanwhile, we’re really taking care of women and finding them shelters and working with organisations.”

By Alana Holmberg, Buse Duman, Resist Laughter

Buse Duman, 21, identifies as a Marxist-Leninist and participates in many of the rallies for women’s rights. “In Turkey, it’s difficult to be a woman, to be animal, or to be a tree. Extremely difficult. You can be killed, raped, tortured, chopped,” she says, alluding to the Gezi Park Protests. The protests began in response to the bulldozers attempting to cut down trees in on elf Istanbul’s few green spaces to make way for development. The Gezi Park protests grew to become the largest social movement in the history of the Turkish republic.
For the next year, Alana will be working on this special series with the mentorship of the artists at POOL. We look forward to seeing how her work progresses and are excited to share her story with you throughout this next year.
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