Christopher Ireland
Globally, Samsung looks at how technology launches people forward. Leo Burnett Sydney wanted to put a local focus on the issue of concussion, and look at ways Samsung could mix the talents of experts from two different fields to create something innovative that tackles concussion in Australian sport.
When Christopher Ireland was approached with this idea, Leo’s had sourced a neuroscientist, Dr Alan Pearce and an industrial designer Braden Wilson. Ireland’s task was to track and document the progress the pair made in conceiving and designing a wearable technology that could both measure and track concussive forces in contact sport. 
Ireland and the POOL team planned and directed 8 episodes of a mini documentary that followed the pair from their first meeting to the moment Israel Folau put BrainBand on and tested it. Part careful planning and part creative adaptation, each episode took the audience through the process. The episodes were launched in real time so the growing audience could legitimately track the progress the pair was making.
The scope of the documentary included consulting with many experts and stakeholders from former NRL player Nigel Plumb, surfing legend Sally Fitzgibbons, concerned sporting parents, Medical staff at Westmead Children’s Hospital, Alex Kaufman at Google in LA and finally Israel Folau. The band was also put through rigorous testing at a crash test facility in Melbourne.
“What surprised all of us was how well Braden and Allan conceived the wearable,” says Ireland, “it’s final form hadn’t varied too drastically from initial planning. What had improved was the extent to which the data chain could be linked so data could be relayed and synched to a Samsung Gear watch and Tablet. The impact this had was that a game could potentially be stopped if a medic or referee received an alert following a heavy hit so play could be stopped and a player treated.”
“Most compelling was looking at the ways in which technology can improve the way we live via small and progressive innovations. It was fascinating seeing something come to life from those initial sketches Braden made on paper to the unboxing of a fully functional BrainBand by Israel Folau. The growing audience kept some good pressure on the team to produce something compelling and we were all tremendously proud of the final product.”
Silver: Design – Product Design
Silver: PR – Best Integrated
Silver: Promotional – Experiential – Best use of other digital media
Gold: Promo & Activation – Digital & Social/Use of Technology
Silver: Pharma – HCP – Devices & Diagnostics
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Silver: Creative Data – Use of Real Time Data
Bronze: Digital Craft Lions – Curation Data
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Silver: Product Innovation
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Graphite Pencil: Health & Wellness
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Wood Pencil: Creativity for Good/Product Design
Wood Pencil Digital Marketing /Innovative Use of Beta Technology
Wood Pencil: Digital Design/ Beta Technology Innovation


Agency: Leo Burnett Sydney
Client: Samsung Australia

Creative Director: Scott Huebscher
Laurent Marcus: Lead Digital Producer

Pool Credits
Director: Christopher Ireland

Producer: Petrea Lambert
DOP: Tim Small
2nd Camera / Data: Marcus Giorgio
Sound Record: Frank Harold
Lighting Assistant: Felipe Neves
2nd Lighting Assistant: Alex Taleski
Editor: Chris Barron