Sean Izzard and WiTH Collective meet the undeniably cool Christopher Walken for Qantas Assure’s launch campaign.

Christopher Walken is unique, compelling and iconic. You can immediately hear his voice, visualise his slow stride and measured gestures- the power of his gaze. This campaign celebrates Mr. Walken doing ordinary activities; his inimitable persona making them remarkable.

Sean created a series of images that mirror Walken’s characteristics – at once distinctive and memorable, representative of the man himself. By creating a sophisticated yet fun essence to the series, Sean celebrates the legend.

Walkin’, runnin’, gardenin’ and dancin’, Sean directed the actor to play it straight, play it cool, distinctively himself, aware of what he is doing and the part he is playing. “I wanted to pair Walken’s extraordinary character with these ordinary Australian scenes, and shoot him in a manner befitting his coolness. It was certainly a career highlight to meet him.”

Another Walken the park for Izzard.

Client: Qantas
Agency: WiTH Collective

Justin Hind: Chief Executive Officer
Steve Coll: Chief Creative Officer
Nicole Hetherington: Associate Creative Director
Simon Fowler: Associate Creative Director
Adam Parsons: Client Services Director
Laura Glendinning: Account Director
Kristie Beattie: Account Manager
Sarah Cloutier – Senior Producer

Sean IZZARD: Photographer
Cream Studios: Post Production