collecting experiences

12 crew. 7 countries. 23 days. 400 beers.

Sean Izzard is an experience collector.

Swimming with great whites in Capetown, dodging dromedary’s  in Dubai and braving the perilous bars of Prague, he was never far from the action, yet managed to return from this epic adventure in one piece.

“We were told beforehand the schedule for the new Hahn Super Dry excursion would be full-on. But how full-on could it possibly be I thought to myself. Well, after being in the thick of it – trains, plane and automobiles pretty much every day, 4am starts, 10pm finishes, mandatory wind-down beers and the odd old-fashioned, I got a new appreciation for what ‘full-on’ actually means”, said Izzard from a padded room back in Sydney.

The latest campaign saw the crew travelling the (rounded) corners of the globe in order to truly capture the spirit and excitement of the ‘Hahn Experience Collectors’.

Inspired by Hahn’s own story of four men taking a risk to explore their passion for brewing better beers, ‘Experience Collectors’ follows the story of a guy who tackles life’s trials and tribulations head-on, growing throughout these challenges and experiences.

“For me, this trip was really special. To travel in such a tight-knit group, mucking in together to get done whatever needed doing. The agency and client were brilliant to work with. Patrick Hughes as director was always inspirational with his boundless energy. DOP Jeremy Rouse has an eye second to none and was brilliant to work beside (again). And the captain, my captain, Michael Hilliard from Finch kept the whole thing together incredibly. Hero talent Ash was relentlessly awesome, and there was also my lad John Feely who managed the whole trip on one pair of socks and two pairs of underpants – but that’s a story for another blog. The spirit of cooperation was the best I’ve ever encountered on this type of gig and I can’t express enough how much I appreciate the help that I received from everyone”.

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Ogilvy Australia: Agency
Lion Nathan: Client

Derek Green: Executive Creative Director
Shaun Branagan: Creative Director
Josh Parmenter:Copywriter
Seamus Fagan: Art Director
John Marshall: Account Director