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When the call came in from our Kiwi neighbours inviting Sean Izzard to be a keynote speaker at this years annual Image Nation Photography Conference in Auckland, he jumped at the honour –  naturally seeing it as a platform to launch his international stand-up comedy career.

Kicking off his talk with a behind the scenes look at his recent global escapade photographing Hahn’s exciting Experience Collector campaign (and fooling the audience to check under their seat for a case of beer) Sean quickly established himself with the audience as a photographer renowned for working hard while maintaining a bright and cheeky outlook. Jokes aside, this highly anticipated photo industry event invites some of Australia’s most talented and renowned image makers to give established, emerging and aspiring photographers an invaluable insight into what it takes to build a successful career in a notoriously hard-to-crack industry.

Sean used his talk to map out the impressive progression of his career – from his inauspicious beginnings as a sports photographer, to the dizzying heights of advertising, Sean’s talk didn’t fail to educate and entertain his audience. Volleying between dropping pearls of wisdom to the occasional (and infamous) Dad joke, Sean’s time in NZ celebrated the numerous and varied accomplishments throughout his career, earning him some new and adoring fans.