for ACRF

It’s a beautiful thing when great ideas pair up with great causes – making Sean Izzard’s work for the Australian Cancer Research Foundation all the more rewarding. After noting that Australians were buying five hundred and twenty million dollars worth of unwanted presents at Christmas time, M&C Saatchi decided it was about time people spoke up this year before the cards were written, bows were tied, and awkward un-wrappings began. They asked Sean to help them transform the unwanted into the wanted; to encourage Australians to say no thank you to cheap undies, embarrassing slippers and old spice body wash and yes please to research facilities, lab technicians and cures for cancer.

Sean was drawn in by the happy marriage of a clean and simple concept with cool and impacting graphics, instantly offering up his photographic talents for ACRF’s noble cause. Janai and her team sourced the perfect ‘unwanted’ objects, which paired with Sean’s photography, culminated in a beautiful series of still lifes. The end result seamlessly transforms those unwanted stocking fillers into the much needed (and far more valuable) equipment on offer, helping ACRF on their way to making leaps and bounds in cancer research and treatment.

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M&C Saatchi: Agency
Australian Cancer Research Foundation: Client

Tristan Cornelius: Senior Art Director
David Collier: Senior Producer

Pool Credits
Sean Izzard: Photographer
Melissa Scurry: Producer
Hamish Gregory: Digi Op
John Feely: Camera Assist
Alex Taleski: Camera Assist
Elizabeth Kavanagh: Stylist