Sean Izzard put his storytelling skills to comical use for the latest addition to BPAY’s ‘perfectly timed’ campaign.
Izzard illustrated the ideas Alanis Morissette accidentally omitted from her Ironic hit – it’s like a broken leg on your holiday, it’s the bird poo on car-clean-sunday’s, it’s like a sale sign when you’ve already paid, who would’ve thought, it figures.

BMF: Agency
BPAY: Client

Ben Pearce: Senior Art Director
Emma McJury: Group Account Director
Kimberly Ngo: Account Manager
Jonty Bell: Copywriter
Basir Salleh: Art Buyer
Emma Friend: Senior Content Producer
Brooke Mather: Production Assistant
Brad Goosen Editor/Post Producer

Pool Credits
Sean Izzard: Director/Photographer
Courtney Lewis: Producer
Renae Begent: Production Manager
Cristina Gaitatzis: Production Coordinator
Hamish Gregory: Digital Operator
John Feely: Photographic Assistant
Alex Taleski: Photographic Assistant
Tess Strelein: Designer/Stylist
Kylee Burgess: Designer Assistant
David Grainger: Hair & Make up