We live in an entertainment driven world, holding our precious devices in our sweaty hands to transport us away from our physical location to the corners of countless imaginations.

Blasting the studio with tailored selections of stand up comedians, cat blooper videos, and killer sports highlights, Sean and the team had a ball doing whatever it took to draw out real reactions from the talent.

Optus: Client
M&C Saatchi: Agency

Misha McDonald: Creative Director
Sharon Edmonston: Creative Director
Lee Roberts: Creative Director
Ant Melder: Creative Director
Chris Maclean: Creative Director
Trent Henderson: Executive Producer
Yash Gandhi: Group Account Director
Louis Birk: Account Manager

Pool credits
Sean Izzard: Photographer
Courtney Lewis: Producer
Cristina Gaitatzis: Production Coordinator
Glenn Pokorny: Digi Op
John Feely: Camera Assist
Andy Roberts: Camera Assist
Alex Taleski: Camera Assist
Finbarr Collins: Gaffer
Fabio Vita: Data Analyst
Tess Strelein: Stylist
David Grainger: Hair & Make up
Margo Regan: Hair & Make up