playing with Fire

via JWT

The Rural Fire Service are called out over 23, 000 times per year – that’s 23, 000 times people like you have been at risk. But what’s your plan if one day that risk becomes all too real? Or do you think, like most people, that fire is far away – another persons devastation?

The RFS decided people needed a wake up call, but most importantly they needed a plan – because fire has a pretty wicked one. So when they teamed up with JWT and came to us with such an important project, we were honoured to come on board. Of course it helped that we loved the concept too – personifying fire in all its relentless, malevolent and un-forgiving glory.

Simon’s directors vision centred around a beautifully cinematic approach, really drawing the viewer in and compelling them to put their fire safety plans in place. This style allowed us to accentuate the personification of fire – watching it follow the viewer through all their “weak spots” – across their over-grown lawn, down their cluttered gutters, and finally creeping underneath their door.

So off we set, ironically on the coldest day in 5 years, armed with beanies, scarves, a pyro-technician and a 200 f/ps frame rate, to grab some pretty awe-inspiring slow-motion footage. With our set literally burning before our eyes, we only had one chance to get things right – thank god we had such a stellar team on board. Thank you to everyone who worked so hard to keep us safe and make sure we got this important message to the people.

NSW Rural Fire Service: Client
J. Walter Sydney: Agency

Simon Langley: Executive Creative Director
John Lam: Associate Creative Director
Laurie Geddes: Creative Group Head
Simon Cox: Senior Art Director
Angela Morris: Executive Planning Director
Amanda Slatyer: Broadcast Director
James Tracy-Inglis: Group Account Director
Rachel Wintle: Account Director
Amanda Porritt: Account Manager
Rachel Townsend: Production Manager
Hatti Apps: Digital producer
Thanh Lu: Studio Director
Renee Robertson: Senior Project Manager

Pool credits
Simon Harsent: Director
Kare Godsell: Line Producer
Ross Giardina: DOP
Lou Stefanel, Pyromania: Pyrotechnician
Henrique Fanti: Behind the Scenes
Declan Harsent: Music composition

Heckler: Post Production Company
Georgina Selby: Post producer
David Kelly: Executive Producer

Greg Constantaras: Edit
Yoomin Lee: Colourist
Garry Jacques: Vfx Sup
Luke Carvell: Design
Chris Jackson: Compositing
Jamie Watson: Online

Nylon Studios: Sound Post
Simon Lister: Sound Designer
Emma Hodge: Studio Producer