Captures the profound
Hermann Nitsch

Artists connecting with fellow artists is a thing of fickle beauty – disciplines may intertwine or stand alone, inspirations undoubtedly stem from vastly different and personal realms – yet the mutual respect for creativity seems to supersede all differences. As was true when Simon Harsent sat in New York with the equally celebrated and reviled Hermann Nitsch – an artist entrenched in the ritualistic spiritualism of creativity whose work could not be further from Simon’s own.

“One of the best things about photographing someone like Hermann is the fact that you get to spend time with an artist and discuss their work. Hermann’s insights into his work were truly fascinating and like his work thought provoking.”

Simon’s portraits seem to capture Nitsch in an ethereal moment of deep reflection, providing a rare and captivating insight into Hermann’s infinite quest for cathartic enlightenment by embracing his primal artistic instincts.