for TIGER beer

Simon Harsent has never been one to cage himself in – an artist who allows his passion to take him down a different path; from hunting icebergs in Greenland to climbing mountains in New Zealand and exploring the slums of Manila, Simon’s work has let him slip between the bars. Which made him the obvious choice for Tiger Beer’s latest campaign ‘Uncage Your Tiger’ – a project that celebrates spontaneity over hesitation, asking dreamers and doers to revel in what it means to ignite the Tiger within.

Droga 5 invited Simon to focus on young people who live ‘uncaged’ lives; stuntman Charlie Ruedpokanon and artist Hua Tunan. Shot in Bangkok with six-story scaffolding, flying paint cans, a giant yellow parachute on rollerskates, parkour experts and a killer concept – Simon excelled to capture some equally beautiful and exciting work.

We were pretty thrilled at the opportunity to fly in Hua Tunan for the job – an artist at once both inspiringly free and painfully meticulous. It was as amazing witnessing Hua Tunan create his masterpiece in the flesh as it was to cement the notion that life is not a cage – it’s a playground.

Droga 5: Agency
Tiger Beer: Client

David Nobay: Creative Chairman
Andrew Ferguson: Creative Director
Tommy Cehak: Art Director
Gavin Chimes: Copywriter
Anthony Martin: Art Buyer
Richard Sweetman: Account Director

Pool credits
Simon Harsent: Photographer
Cameron Gray: Executive Producer
Tess Strelein: Stylist