The Faintest Clasp


Simon HARSENT directs ‘The Faintest Clasp’, one of the first installments of ArtBreaks on ABC iView. The project is a celebration of collaboration and an experiment in improvisation. It’s what happens when artists are given the space to breathe.

The poem, written by MARCEL’S David Nobay and read by actor John Waters, lay the foundation for Simon to build upon. With total creative freedom, Simon worked to create a visual interpretation of the words given to him. The result; art come to life.

Client: ABC iView
Agency: MARCEL

Directed by: Simon Harsent
Written by: David Nobay
Spoken by: John Waters
Edited by: Andrew Holmes

Lindsay Jehan: Music Score
Phillip Soller: Lead Actor
Melissa Scurry: Producer
Ashely Barron: Cinematographer