Simon Harsent

I think style is inseparable from voice…

You know, you have to lift your voice. A voice is different from an echo. If you just have an echo, that’s superficial demeanor.
You have a voice, that’s style. It’s an orientation, it has to do with comportment, it’s how you comport yourself. It’s how you move through space and time. It’s the rhythm, it’s the tempo, style and substance go hand in hand. I don’t think there is any such thing as style without substance. Unsettle minds. Touch souls. Try to set people on fire. You only find your voice by coming to terms with who you are. You have to muster the courage to be. Pure unadulterated courage to find out who you really are.
Find your voice then you got your style.
—Cornel West
Simon HARSENT directs OPSM’s integrated brand relaunch via Marcel Sydney, capturing the distinctive style of everyday people in both print and motion. The campaign spotlights those who have an innate sense of style and self. The overall concept is brought to life by the words and voice of philosopher, author and social activist, Dr Cornel West.
“I didn’t want this to look like one piece of film or one photo series, it should look like a collection of different stories told in different styles. Being allowed the freedom to respond and shoot specifically for each individual gives each scenario a unique look and feel. And in turn we give each it’s own honesty. These are people who are stylish because they stand for something. They have found who they are and it allows them to see the world in a different light. Each one has an innate natural style which owns the moment they are in.” —Simon Harsent


AWARD Awards 2017
1 Silver, 3 Bronze
Bronze  –  New Director

Client: OPSM
Agency: Marcel Sydney

Creative Chairman: David Nobay
Executive Creative Director: Scott Huebscher
Senior Art Director: Jeremy Hogg
Senior Copywriter: Kevin Masters
CEO: Gavin Levinshon
Head of Production: Holly Alexander

Pool Credits
Director: Simon Harsent
EP/MD: Cameron Gray
Photographer: Simon Harsent
Producer: Eloise Hastings
DOP: Ross Giardina
Production Designer: Tess Strelein

Post Production: Heckler
Editor: Andrew Holmes