The Adventures of
& Juliet TAYLOR

A story of Art, Women, Serial Killers, Black Sabbath and Naomi Wolf – soon to be released as a valuable addition to Juliet’s ‘Musings of the Finest Minds’ series.

Barrister, Criminal Lawyer, Filmmaker, Author, Columnist for the SMH, and not to mention subject of the 2015 Archibald Prize – Charles Waterstreet has plenty of titles and life experience behind him. Charles possesses a fascinating combination of intelligence and allure, influencing artists and creative minds alike.

‘With such intense pressures must come equal releases of pleasures – like a rockstar at the end of a concert, you either find it in the bottle or the bed. At 66 and sober now for 15 years, Charles looks to women for his release. Where does he get these girls? Apparently, he tells me, ‘ They come from God’ – Juliet Taylor.