The Pool Grant 2017

Sinead Kennedy
to set fire to the sea
Sinead Kennedy, The Pool Grant 2017 recipient, joined POOL for our first team creative team meeting since announcing the news during Opening Night of  The Pool Grant annual exhibition. Over the course of the next year, our artists – in particular Danny Eastwood and Sean Izzard – will be working closely with Kennedy to develop her proposal into a full series to be exhibited next year.



To Set Fire to the Sea explores mandatary immigration detention in Australia. By adopting an expanded documentary approach, Kennedy incorporates personal narratives which landscapes, objects, reconstruction of memories and ideas to interpret the invisible in this complicated transitional place.
“Her project which revolves around Australia’s policy of mandatory detention is an incredibly important issue to bring focus to. It’s unseen and unseeable nature is what makes it so important to discuss but also what makes it so difficult to approach photographically. This is where I think the collaborative process with POOL  will be at its most valuable,” says Danny Eastwood, POOL artist and 2017 mentor.
“The thing that drew me to Sinead’s work was the conceptual approach,” Eastwood continues. 
“Some of Sinead’s initial work on this project involved the use of still life elements, which naturally intrigued me. I really look forward to exploring this practice with her and expanding on this storytelling process.

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