The Rider.

Two campaigns from two perspectives
for Uber

The Driver.
Christopher Ireland creates two campaigns told from two different perspectives for Uber via Special Group. The Uber Driver and Uber Rider campaigns are each told from their respective points of view, capturing what inspires and motivates each character to drive or ride with Uber.
“Shooting two separate creative ideas with separate creative teams for a single client was challenging but highly rewarding. Special Group were keen to ensure the Driver campaign felt distinctly unique from the Passenger campaign. This meant deciding which aesthetic similarities I would employ and where the visual distinctions would be made.
I decided that because I was working with a brand that is widely known, and one the public feels very involved with, I wanted work on both campaigns to feel democratic, as if  they are shots of people, for the people. This informed my use of natural performance across both campaigns.
Where I differed in my approach to each was to opt for a deeper, more internally reflective tone for Driver, and a more kinetic, performance-driven mentality for Passenger. We deliberately included offbeat moments for Passenger, or disrupted moments by using wind or props to facilitate a sense of progression and movement.”

– Chris Ireland

My directing style was very energetic and I was keen to infuse a sense of fun on set. For Driver, it was more traditional. These were portraits through glass designed to evoke a feeling of calm ambition and optimism. Both campaigns reflect my desire to create works that speaks to us in a realistic and heartfelt way.

Photographer: Chris Ireland
Broadcast & Content Producer: Petrea Lambert
Production Coordinator / Unit: Sarah England
Production Coordinator / Talent: Lisa-Ann Robinson
Talent Digital Operator: Felipe Neves
Camera Assistant: Oliver Rose
Gaffer:  Cameron Wintour
Lighting Assist: Alex Murray
Grip: Scott Parsons
Grip & Lighting Assist: Steve Brown
Location Manager: Joel Pratley
Stylist: Jo Ayling
Stylist: Elizabeth Kavanagh
Hair & Make Up: Dave Grainger
Post Production: Cream Electric Art