There’s no ingredient like time.


Simon HARSENT crafts striking portraits of genuine heartland, South and West Auckland locals for Independent Liquor New Zealand’s Woodstock Black campaign: ‘There’s no ingredient like time.”
The Woodstock Black campaign champions wrinkles, tattoos, and style crafted over a lifetime. Harsent, chosen for his compelling portraiture, was called upon to capture the charisma and history of each man, including a pig farmer, a silver smith, and a musician.
“These aren’t your standard pretty poster boys who spend hours in the gym or in front of the mirror to get everything just so. These are the real blokes from the heartland of Woodstock Country. Their skin is etched with wrinkles, clothes are worn, and their eyes tell the story of a life well earned. They are charismatic, authentic men with huge depth of character, making them all ‘as smooth as hell.'”
– Christy Peacock, ECD, TBWA

Edward William Ru, Sweet & Irie lead singer

Rique Higgins, Sport Waka ama, jewellery maker, Avid hitchhiker, Nudist

Ygnacio Cervio, professional beard grower

Gavin Anderson, Motorbike racing, drag racing, tattoos

CLIENT: Independent Liquor / Woodstock Bourbon
Agency: Whybin / TBWA Auckland

ECD: Christy Peacock
Senior Copy Writer: David Sylvester
Senior Art Director: Watchara Tansrikeat
Senior Planner: Steve Clark
Business Director: Angelina Farry
Senior Account Director: Amanda Green
Head of Creative Operations: Sheriden Derby
Senior Producer: Mark Paisey
Graphic designer: Agnes Ang

Pool Credits
Photographer: Simon Harsent
Producer: Tim Costar
Production Coordinator: Jemma Douglas
Digi Tech: Petrice Rhodes
Lighting Assist: Hamish Melville
Stylist / Groom: Verity Griffiths
Groom Assist: Nikki Milina