Why has the wording of the description changed this year? 

We’ve re-worded the description to emphasise that The Pool Grant is in essence a means to produce an exhibition, which we feel is an important and unique distinction compared to other photography grants. Our recipients are given the opportunity and resources to connect face-to-face with an audience and see their work in tangible form. The physical manifestation of our recipients’ creative ideas is at the heart of The Pool Grant’s value proposition, which is why we want our language to reflect that. 

Why has the grant amount increased this year?

The grant amount has been increased from $10,000 to $15,000, with $10,000 still to be used in whichever way is most helpful to our recipients throughout the year and an additional $5,000 to be allocated to the production of the exhibition. We decided to make this change to more accurately communicate the monetary contribution our recipients receive every year for their exhibitions. 

Why have the submission guidelines and fee changed this year? 

The submission guidelines and fee have been altered to accommodate the above developments. We’ve added more detail to what we’d like to see in your proposals, giving us a better idea of how you see your creative concept translating into an exhibition and how you think you would be able to achieve it. The submission fee has increased from $20 to $50 to reflect the expanded guidelines. Overall, we are looking forward to seeing thoughtful proposals that will translate into compelling shows. 


images copyright rob farley, the pool grant 2018/2019 co-recipient